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Marion August 17, 2011

I love all of your art work – you are very talented and I LOVE how you have evolved in your art. Each gallery is so very different, it is almost as if a different artist did each gallery. Of course, like with all art, some speak to me more than others, and they all stir and provoke various emotions in me. I love to look at your art often to delight myself. Thank you for sharing it with us and with the world.


Jackie August 22, 2011

My mom I just love your work .. my mom is your biggest supporter she sold you work in the Concord Hotel .. I have a litho called the Ensembale !! Please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx .. I would to find the value !


Jackie August 25, 2011

My email address is jackiexxxx @ yahoo .com phoneis xxxxxxxxxx please call me i ma so looking foward to speaking to you !! My Mom knew you would be famous and you are in your work is incredible !! Please get a hold of me !! Thank you !!


Sherryl January 9, 2013

Susan, I have to comment after I read Jackie’s comment about her mom selling your work at the
Concord Hotel. It sounded familiar. I am just curious as to who her mother is. I sold my share of your work there plus in auctions around the country when Mr. Ginniger parted with some. I’ll never forget a painting of yours that I sold here in the gallery. It was a huge oil on masonite, non figurative. Mr. G. insisted on putting it in the window because I said “I can’t put this piece in the window.” What I meant, it was too costly and he thought I meant that it was too heavy. So, I let him put it onto the easel (I could have lifted it myself) but I thought the price was too intimidating for my neighborhood and that I’d hang it in the gallery instead. To make a long story shorter, two days later it was sold from the window. It was always a pleasure selling your work.


Sahall May 14, 2013

Dear Sherryl,

I’m very sorry to have to tell you that Susan passed away last year. It would appear from your comment that you knew her and I know she would’ve loved reading it and hearing from you.


Ann Nora Conte June 6, 2013

I finally decided to research the picture we have by Sahall….Blue Vases 194/300 and was so happy to have found her and now so saddened to hear she has passed away.
As mentioned by Jackie, I believe we bought this fantastic picture at the Concord…it is a picture that makes you think you are looking out a window at a garden and in the foreground are the Blue Vases with pink peonies…it is so stunning and a never ending source of pleasure to look at.

I’m sure we have the paperwork on it somewhere, but I don’t even know now what to call it…is it a lithograph? I know it is not an original!

Whatever info you have on this picture would be appreciated.
Many thanks,
Ann Nora


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