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This album represents a twenty year period (1985 – 2005) of Sahall shows and exhibitions. Beginning in 1985 her work was marketed exclusively under an agreement with Dyansen Galleries, an international chain of high-end fine art galleries. In 1995 she entered into an exclusive arrangement with Zephyr Cove Ltd. a fine art dealer and limited editions publisher. Under this agreement all of her original paintings and limited edition prints were exported to Japan and sold in various exclusive Japanese galleries. For more information on Sahall click on Sahall : The Story found on the top menu of this website.

Sahall Arrives For The Show Sahall Enters The Gallery Early Arrivers For The Show Studio Execs Thank You For Sahall Buyer
Susan Shepard
aka Sahall
Sahall Enters
The Gallery
Sahall Meets
Early Arriver
Studio Execs Buy
First Sahall Painting
Sahall Thanks
New Buyer
Soho NYC Show  Susan & Claudia Thanks To Another Buyer Dyansen Execs The Eakers in SanFrancisco
Dyansen NYC Show
Limited Edition Prints
Susan With Her
Daughter Claudia
Sahall Visits With
Another Buyer
Sahall With Dyansen
President & CEO
Sahall With Mark
& Marcia Eaker
Prep For Show Sahall Show at Mitsukoshi Gallery Beautiful Gift for Sahall
The Japanese Era Machiko and Sahall
in Tokyo, Japan
Sahall & gallery staff
prepare for show
Sahall one woman show
Mitsokoshi Gallery
Sahall with beautiful
gift silk fan


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Brian Lima March 28, 2019

I have two pieces were bought at the same time back in the 80’s. One is a signed Oil on board by Susan an the other is an oil on canvas. However that one was not signed. I believe it is another work of Susan’s but want to confirm it. How can I send a picture of it to for help?
Brian Lima
[email protected]


Sahall March 28, 2019

I’m very sorry to tell you that Susan passed away about 5 years ago. We keep her site up as a tribute to her and a place that fans can buy additional works from her estate.


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