Shows & Exhibitions

In 1985 Sahall entered into an exclusive marketing relationship with Dyansen Galleries, a high-end fine art gallery that was expanding very rapidly into major cities around the world. Dyansen promoted Sahall actively until 1991 when they began to experience severe financial problems due to overly aggressive expansion. When Dyansen filed for bankruptcy the relationship ended.

In 1995 Sahall entered into an exclusive marketing agreement with Zephyr Cove Publishing and for the following ten years all of her original work and limited edition prints were sold exclusively by Zephyr Cove in Japan.

For more information on Sahall click on Sahall : The Story.

Solo Exhibitions in Japan   1995 Р2005
From 1995 – 2005 each of the following Japanese fine art galleries hosted one or more Sahall one woman shows.
Art Com Gallery Osaka, Japan
Art Com Gallery Ginza, Japan
Gallery Move Morioka, Japan
Gallery Forum Sendai, Japan
Shiki Gallery Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan
Marunouchi Gallery Nagoya, Japan
Mitsukoshi Gallery Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
Mitsukoshi Gallery Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Mitsukoshi Gallery Saporo, Japan
Mitsukoshi Gallery Takamatsu, Japan
Mitsukoshi Gallery Hiroshima, Japan
Dyansen Gallery
United States Shows & Exhibitions
Year Gallery or Institution
1991 Dyansen Gallery, NYC, NY
1990 Dyansen Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1989 Dyansen Gallery San Francisco, CA
1987 Dyansen Gallery, NYC, NY
1986 Dyansen Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA
1986 Dyansen Gallery, NYC, NY
1984 Barclay Gallery, South Hampton, NY
1984 Saratoga Art Gallery, Saratoga Springs, NY
1982 S. Morantz Galleries, Clifford Park, NJ
1982 Ann Lenard Gallery, Woodstock, NY
1981 29th Fall Exhibition, Berkshire Art Association, Berkshire Museum
Pittsfield, MA
1980 44th Artists of Central NY, Museum of Art, Munson-Proctor
Institute, Utica, NY
1979 Kalt Gallery, Huntington, NY (group show)
1972 Hechtlinger Galleries, Great Neck, NY
1968 Hechtlinger Galleries, Great Neck, NY